Detroit Hip Hop Meets Cleveland Hip Hop, Razer – Part 1

Man, do I have a killer midwest hip hop story for you!  Acting in this play has been eating up most of my time, so I’m gonna have to break this story into parts.

The day after my last post,  Razer was working again.  I walked right into the store and called out, “What’s up Razer”? Right when he turned around, my boy snapped a pic.  I think that this time he knew the gig was up, and I think he was possibly a bit embarrassed as the other guys at work were like “uhhhh wtf?!”

I started into to him with the questions immediately. “What the hell!?”  I said.  “What happened to you?  Where have you been, and why didn’t you say anything when I told you what I was doing?  Come on, Detroit Hip Hop at it’s finest is here in Cleveland, and you’re not going to say a word when I tell you about my hip hop dreams?

“I’m retired from hip hop,” He said. “Rapping is in my past.”

“Your past my ass! Why were you with Matisyahu at HOB?  Hmmmm?” I challenged him. “Plus it’s in you, you can’t just walk away from your calling. Hip hop is who you are, and you just can’t change who you are, especially when you just started picking up steam.”

He avoided my prying with “I wasn’t hanging out with Matisyahu, I was just there that night.” (Right, that’s why you came from back stage); and “I’m really not interested in picking up the mic again.”

Why not?”  I asked.

He then turns to the boss and asks to take a break so we can walk around and discuss this whole thing.  He lit up a cigar as we walked out. “I don’t usually smoke but a few times a year a really nice cigar crosses my path and, well, I indulge.  You don’t mind do you?”

“Of course not. You don’t mind if my boy nabs a few pics do you…for my blog, do you?”     “Uhhh, I guess not as long as I see what you’re doing with them first.”

And that was that, we ended up talking for about 15 minutes, most of it him saying that he really isn’t into that whole scene these days and trying to avoid my questions.  But I was persistent and refused to take no for an answer.  I’m going to find out the truth behind this Detroit Hip Hop emcee one way or another.  Then I’m going to do anything in my power to un-retire (Is that a word?) this supposedly retired underground rapper.  Cleveland and Detroit hip hop will unite damnit!

I got him to the point where he sighed and said, “Look, meet me after I get off work, and we can talk some more.”

And that my friends is where this hip hop story gets interesting.

So, you wanna do me a big favor? I’m leaking Razer’s Twitter account he gave me the other day. It’s @Razer_theRZR. Go bug the hell out of him to start rapping again…Just don’t tell him I sent you.

Unfortunately for now I really got to run. I’m exhausted from this weekend’s round of performances. (Side note: Isn’t it weird how once you’re name starts appearing in the papers as an up-and-coming actor, all the people you never got along with in the past decides to suddenly pick up the phone and want to talk to you? My uncle literally called looking for me…Apparently, he saw one of my acting reviews in the paper, and he wants to be my manager now. I guess this fakeness just goes with the territory, huh? Everyone wants a piece of the pie when someone’s onto something big.)

So without further adieu, here’s a shot Razer and me to prove that I am not a total moron, and he really does look different that how I remembered him.  If you still don’t believe me, then compare it to Razer’s MySpace pic. After you see that one, you really can’t blame me for not putting two and two together.

Prophet and Razer

Prophet and Razer

Oh yeah, and remember how I said I was working on getting some of my free styling stuff up on my MySpace page? Well, it’s finally up! I put a couple of my free styling sessions from when I was on the Rusty Munchyz Show awhile back.

Check them out here: Let me know what you think about them too! I need some comment love on the blog!


Hip Hop Gods: Enter New Guy – Stage Left

So I’ve been working with this guy on the job.  We hardly work together because he is only there like once a week, if even that.  He’s only there as a very part time side job.  He’s a pretty cool guy, but what is really bugging me is that his name sounds familiar…Maybe just cause his name is a sport. (This kid’s name is pronounced “hockey,” and I don’t have a clue if that’s really how you spell it!) Anyway, his name sounds really familiar, and I keep having this feeling that I’ve met him before. At least that’s what I thought until I went to a freestyle session with my boyz and told them how we gotta have this guy over to play some Xbox 360, (Chemist still has his).

When I said the name, someone looked at me and said, “Is this guy from Detroit?”

“Uh…Yeah! How did you know he was from Detroit?”

“You idiot! Don’t you realize who you are working with?!”  He ran over to the CD rack and dusted off a three-year-old hip hop album from a Detroit rapper named Razer. I looked through the CD booklet, and sure enough, the guy I work with is Razer.

My boy told me, “Razer was hot shit back when his CD hit the Detroit hip hop underground scene, but finding info on him now is slim to none.  He disappeared almost as fast as he appeared.”

Then it all came back to me, I am an idiot! I just met him a little while ago at a concert and took a picture with him and Matisyahu.  Hell I was so hyped about it I  even wrote a Starstruck post about Razer and Matisyahu! I completely did not recognize Razer at work.  (Hey in my defense, Razer has grown out his hair long, has a beard, and was not in his usual attire.)

While I sat there wondering how I could have missed it, my friends jumped onto the internet. Twenty minutes and a Google search later, we verified it. He is/was the guy once known, Razer or The RZR to some, a Detroit rapper who is one of the Midwest’s finest emcees, IMHO.

That’s why his name sounded familiar, and that’s when I had an idea. He may be the key to this whole crazy midwest hip hop plan.  Stay tuned because  I’m definitely gonna confront this guy about our project, and find out what happened to him, and how the hell he winded up in Cleveland! And when I’m done compiling his story, I’m going to convince Razer to help me out with my hip hop dream!

First thing’s first though, I’m gonna get a picture with him for my Punk Revolution Blog to prove that I’m not a total moron, and he really does look different.

Star Struck

Man Sunday night was sick, pure and absolutely sick when I hit up the Matisyahu concert. If you don’t know his music you have to peep this one of a kind musician out. It was a great, great, great show. But what really made the night amazing was Mooch and his ability to hook me up cause I got to hang out with a lot of the artists. I met Trevor Hall & Nosson Zand, two new artists that were pure fire. Trevor is doing his amazing reggae singing thing and Nosson is this positive beast of a rapper. But the highlight had to be chilling with and getting my picture with Matisyahu and Razer. Both these guys were cool as hell. (I just realized that “cool as hell” is a bit of an oxymoron but whatever.) Matisyahu not only has one of the best backing reggae bands I have ever heard, but his beat boxing had me thinking I was listening to an mpc until I turned around and realized that sound was actually him. My mouth hit the floor when I saw that the beat was coming from a man and not a machine. And his set where he and Trevor did songs together, damn! They have to put out a CD together, have to!

Now I’m still not sure why Razer was there because he wasn’t part of the show, but that didn’t matter because he has to be one of Detroit’s finest underground rappers and I was just psyched to meet him. I was going to ask him what the hell happened. The man put out two last tracks that were pure lava and then announced he was taking a break from hip hop, and poof, Razer was gone just like that! I was ready to ask Razer why he walked away and if he was coming back, ready to ask Matisyahu how to make it in this business and how the hell he can beat box like that and ready to show them how I could flow, but when the time came and I got to meet all these guys, I got nervous around all the stars and just kind of did my best to keep it together and not look like an idiot. Oh well, I did pose for a pic with them but it was a promo shot for someone else. I’m hoping I can track it down so I can have a memento. In the meantime, you can check out a video of them on YouTube video: How Not to Pray to John Belushi -Matisyahu, Nosson, Razer.  Matisyahu is the tall guy with the beard who the camera is focused on 90% of the time and Razer is the guy with the white Detroit hat and sunglasses you can best see around the 4:30 mark as he uses his cell phone to try and call a Rabbi.

All and all it was a great night and it just encouraged me even more to work on my skills. The stage just calls for me and meeting all these great musicians and MC’s made the night a dream come true, even if I was a little star struck.

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