Hip Hop Love Story Finale

I got hip hop to focus on which will be the reason these posts may be a little more sporadic then usual.  That being said, Lucy, you only get one post dedicated to you and what your bitch ass did because after this, I am moving on.

So why am I bitter? Well kids sit down for a great little story.  Lucy and I did not end well.  It did not end well at all.

Like I said it all started well enough with Lucy and me.  We were really doing good, had a lot of interests together and she was even supportive of my hip hop career.  Lucy was great.  Things got serious and as much as I tried to pump the breaks, she wasn’t having it.

I would say, “Well maybe we shouldn’t do this yet because you may get hurt,” or “You’ll regret it later,” or “We should wait until we are in love…blah blah blah.”

Nope, she just looked me in the eyes and said, “I do love you, and I am sure.”  Like an idiot I went along for the ride.  Well, sort of.  See I panic a bit  when the “L” word is mentioned . She would tell me how much she loves me, and I’d smile, excuse myself for a second, go to the other room and call Razer up and be like “Yo, I got Lucy in the other room, and she is saying she loves me and shit.  What do I do?  Should I kick her out?  She’s lying right?  And why the hell does my stomach feel like its in knots!?  You don’t think the bitch poisoned, me do you?”

Then Razer would laugh a second, why I don’t know because I was dead serious, then say “Chill man it’s okay.  She just likes you.  Go in there and spend some time with her.  Oh and whatever you do, DO NOT SLEEP WITH HER!  It’ll just complicate things.”

I then hung up the phone, walked in the other room, made out with her, and then we slept together.

Damn it!  Well I listened to some of his advice.

Razer thought I was paranoid, but paranoid or not, she would prove me right.  First, we began to hit a few bumps.  Nothing major just stepped on each others toes a bit but nothing too bad.  You know, normal shit that happens when you’re with someone all the time..We just got on each others nerves here and there.

And then one day out of the blue, and man do I mean out of the blue, no fuck that out of the black, out of the void, out of the absolute no where she says “I’m done with you.”  One day I kissed her goodnight, the next day “I’m done with you.”  A total Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde.   She laid into me with “I never loved you” and “There’s someone else” and my personal fav “And you are too ugly a guy for me.”

Needless to say, I am not a fan of Lucy right now.

So now Lucy if you are reading this blog, remember when we first started dating and you said: “Why don’t you talk about me more on the blog?”  Remember how you were jealous of how much time I devoted to Anesia or Sara on this site?  Well, you finally got your wish and the whole world knows how much of a cold hearted bitch you really are.  Best believe I have some verses especially dedicated to you.  Once again I must say …..”I got 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one.”  See you when I go on tour.  Peace!

P.S. – On a serious note my boy Chemist just underwent a MAJOR surgery and I wanted to give him a shout out.  Razer and I are glad you pulled through bro, and it just goes to show how much we take things for granted.   Much love goes out to him and his fam.  Get better, get back and continue making beats so you can leave the legacy behind I know you have in you.

P.P.S. – Shout out to my boy Dwayne too.  We got a little to close to ending a long friendship.  I’m glad we talked it out and squashed the beef.  Hopefully one day this dream will become a reality and I can help ya out in your hip hop dreams.

I leave you with this.



Words of wisdom taught to me by my lost love…


Rest in Peace


Mother of All Hip Hop Setbacks

First, B-Sides goes bad. Then Dwayne shows some hesitation with letting us use his beats. Now we have yet another damn set back!  Like I said in my previous post, I called Dwayne to talk to him about launching his career. I was explaining how Razer has really started to deliver lately. Because of Razer, I have clocked in some studio time, met some major hip hop personalities and really got cracking on the few beats that I have accumulated.

I thought Dwayne would be psyched to hear this news, but all he said was that he wanted to talk to Razer and get an idea of how serious we were and what we have planned to unleash on the Midwest Hip Hop scene.  So…I got Razer on the phone to give him the 411. He pretty much told Dwayne: We can secure your music, get you legal representation, and copyright your work. I have people I’m setting up for marketing. Mooch is gonna help get the live shows organized, and we can launch your career, help you get a record deal…The whole thing.  A year from now we will all be sitting pretty with record deals, touring, etc.  Everything ends cool.  Before hanging up the phone, Dwayne said that we were alright to use the music, and we planned on meeting the next day to finalize things.

A half hour later the phone rings, and nothing could prepare me for the bombshell that Dwayne dropped…

“You’re going to kill me, man.” Dwayne said.

PROPH: “Why am I going to kill you?”

He goes on, “Ahh geez, you’re going to kill me. I didn’t think you were serious.  I thought we were just gonna freestyle and talk about becoming stars.  I didn’t think you were serious.  Now you are hanging out with super stars, working in the studio and doing radio shows.”

PROPH:  “What are you talking about? Calm down, and just tell me what you are talking about!  And how did you not know that I was serious? Look at all the things I gave up. Look at everything I’ve lost.  I lost my girl; I lost my crib; I lost all my equipment and half my friends.  What part of that did you not take seriously?  Now what the hell is the problem?”

“The beats aren’t mine…I stole them.” He said quickly.

PROPH:  “What are you talking about?”

“The beats, I took them from another guy years ago.  You guys can’t use em cause they aren’t mine. They’re his, and he probably sold the rights years ago.”

We spoke a little longer as he clarified that I hadn’t gone deaf and that I heard him right.  I hung up the phone and just looked at Razer.

PROPH: “We are fucked!”

“Huh?” Razer took off his head phones and looked at me.

PROPH:  “Dwayne lied…He stole the beats.”

“Which ones?” Razer asked.

PROPH:  “All of em! The entire CD is shot, and all those weeks of work and writing are for nothing.  We have no CD, no beats, and we are now way behind on the deadline.  Dammit, we’re broke and don’t have time to start beats from scratch, and Chemist can’t make that many quality beats in time, we’re done.  Screwed…I’m gonna kill him.”

Razer just laughed. “Well, at least we found out halfway through the CD’s rough drafts rather then in court after we pressed the damn thing.  No one said this would be easy, and you got to expect some speed bumps.  We just gotta look at this as an opportunity. Now we can buy or make better beats…You keep telling me to get back in the game. And I definitely believe in this project! Do you think this is gonna stop us?”

I was taken aback by how calm he was.  I guess that’s what experience in this industry can do to a person.  Razer just took it in stride.

“I got your back, man.  I believe in you, and I won’t let you fail.” He said.  “Now get your ass home and practice your spoken word, you have a date with B-Sides, and you are going to blow them away this Tuesday!”

My Hip Hop Ship is Sinking

I cannot believe this! Even more shit is going down right now!

After the B-side debut, I decided to focus on recording some more, which is something I have been steadily doing behind the scenes for the past few weeks (with Razer’s help of course!).

We have been working our ass off lately polishing tracks. We’re now 5 songs deep! I went last night to get some paperwork and rights signed off on by Dwayne, and he said we can’t use any of his music.  Apparently, he’s pissed, and I’m not sure why. I think he had hoped it would just be Prophet and Dwayne. Now that Razer’s been helping out a lot on the side, he’s not happy.

I can’t believe he is doing this! We’ve been so incredibly busy writing material for those beats, and now Dwayne wants to take it all away?!?!  What’s more…He is super pissed that I have decided to ditch the gangsta fab direction that he originally wanted.

Razer, Chemist and I came up with a plan though. Instead of getting all upset about this, we are going to call him tomorrow and try to bring him more into the hip hop scene.  We figure we can sign him as a solo artist and promise him some studio time.  This way, he doesn’t have to feel left out, and then hopefully, he won’t be so pissy anymore about the situation. You know, we scratch his back and give him some mic time, so then he can scratch our backs by sharing his beats.

I just hope he agrees to this plan cause he owns 75% of the music for this album…

Un-Retiring Razer – Game Plan

Razer and I have been hanging out more often, and I think I have an opening.

He hates his job, absolutely hates it (his fulltime one not his once a week video game job), but he is not willing to make a jump back into music.

Remember when I went off on how I wanted to transcend  all hip hop genres? Well, I guess you could say that Razer thinks the same way as me. I like his take on music and wanting the freedom to tackle it all, completely unshackled.  Integrate rock, reggaeton, hip hop elements, pretty much doing whatever sounds good to make the best possible music, regardless of the genres.  I really agree with him when he says: We should be able to use elements from all music if it makes the song “sound” better.  That’s exactly what I have wanted to start.  Cut through this bullshit of what “real” hip hop is and tackle whatever is tossed at us.

So like I have been saying since I first recognized Razer, he is going to join this group whether he knows it or not.  I got Mooch (our future manager) and Chemist (1 of 2 of our beat makers) together and we’re heading down to his place for what can only be described as a Cleveland hip hop Intervention.

I’ll give an update on how things went tomorrow.

Hip Hop Gods: Enter New Guy – Stage Left

So I’ve been working with this guy on the job.  We hardly work together because he is only there like once a week, if even that.  He’s only there as a very part time side job.  He’s a pretty cool guy, but what is really bugging me is that his name sounds familiar…Maybe just cause his name is a sport. (This kid’s name is pronounced “hockey,” and I don’t have a clue if that’s really how you spell it!) Anyway, his name sounds really familiar, and I keep having this feeling that I’ve met him before. At least that’s what I thought until I went to a freestyle session with my boyz and told them how we gotta have this guy over to play some Xbox 360, (Chemist still has his).

When I said the name, someone looked at me and said, “Is this guy from Detroit?”

“Uh…Yeah! How did you know he was from Detroit?”

“You idiot! Don’t you realize who you are working with?!”  He ran over to the CD rack and dusted off a three-year-old hip hop album from a Detroit rapper named Razer. I looked through the CD booklet, and sure enough, the guy I work with is Razer.

My boy told me, “Razer was hot shit back when his CD hit the Detroit hip hop underground scene, but finding info on him now is slim to none.  He disappeared almost as fast as he appeared.”

Then it all came back to me, I am an idiot! I just met him a little while ago at a concert and took a picture with him and Matisyahu.  Hell I was so hyped about it I  even wrote a Starstruck post about Razer and Matisyahu! I completely did not recognize Razer at work.  (Hey in my defense, Razer has grown out his hair long, has a beard, and was not in his usual attire.)

While I sat there wondering how I could have missed it, my friends jumped onto the internet. Twenty minutes and a Google search later, we verified it. He is/was the guy once known, Razer or The RZR to some, a Detroit rapper who is one of the Midwest’s finest emcees, IMHO.

That’s why his name sounded familiar, and that’s when I had an idea. He may be the key to this whole crazy midwest hip hop plan.  Stay tuned because  I’m definitely gonna confront this guy about our project, and find out what happened to him, and how the hell he winded up in Cleveland! And when I’m done compiling his story, I’m going to convince Razer to help me out with my hip hop dream!

First thing’s first though, I’m gonna get a picture with him for my Punk Revolution Blog to prove that I’m not a total moron, and he really does look different.

Rap Must Have Beef!

“Proph, we need to talk.”

It was the first thing I heard when I answered my cell phone tonight. Just because Proph took a step back from the beats for a bit didn’t mean that Dwayne and Chemist did too.

Apparently, Dwayne and Chemist aren’t seeing eye to eye on my solo Prophet Album. (I’m sure you remember awhile back when the three of us decided to end the Alumni  Elites and focus on my solo hip hop project instead?) Well, now Dwayne isn’t into Chemist’s Midwest beats and style, and Chemist ain’t into the whole ghetto fab gangsta rap music Dwayne wants to make. So now Chemist is holding his beats for a duo Prophet-Chemist project, and Dwayne is threatening to hold all of his  beats exclusively for himself.

Hello?! Anyone care about my opinion?

I love all music.  I don’t give a damn about this supposed “sound” Dwayne and Chemist are trying to forge for me. I don’t care what genre it is as long as the music is good.  Why does hip hop always got to be this or that!?  Why can’t each song stand on its own? Why can’t an album be diverse instead of the same old cookie-cutter crap?!  Rock music takes risks sometimes, so why can’t hip hop and rap?  I mean come on…People download on a song by song basis these days now anyways.

Everyone has an idea of what is or isn’t hip hop.  Apparently, this music game is now more about Prophet The Rebel’s image, as opposed to his rapping and free styling talent.  How will Prophet dress? How will Prophet sound? Prophet The Rebel needs to make this kind of hip hop. No, people don’t want to hear that kind of hip hop, they want to hear this kind of hip hop.  This is what Cleveland rap is supposed to sound like.  This is what’s hot in the Midwest.

I say: ENOUGH!

I wanna transcend all genres.  I’m versatile enough to do anything, and I don’t need to be backed into only one corner.  I wanna rebel against it all, (hence the name people)!  I wanna make music that has killer hooks, killer rhymes and killer meaning.  The hell with having to sound like this or that! Screw staying in the tired gangsta rap genre.  Screw hating on radio-friendly music just cause it ain’t underground enough.  I wanna make music…good, meaningful music. Am I the only one who feels like this?! Cause Chemist and Dwayne think I’m crazy.

Enough about me, drop a comment and tell me how your life is going in 09. Me? I’m a bit tired of mine already.  Plus, comments make me feel like people listen to me. Show me some love!

Cleveland Hip Hop Hell

Remind me not to be so confident in the future.  I hit rock bottom.  For today at least I hate Cleveland.  Why you ask?

I came home to find a note that said:

Get up to my place quick! -Chemist.

I ran upstairs, excited because I’m thinking Chemist finally finished that track, and we can finally post my very first track on my MySpace page.  I get to his door, out of breath, but very excited,and knock…

“Yo Chemist, let me in! It’s your boy, Prophet.”

The door slowly creeps open, and a very down and depressed looking Chemist appears.  I could tell immediately that no good would come of this.

He looked at me and said, “Proph, I got some real bad news…Someone broke in.  The mic, the main PC and a few other things are all gone.”

“What!?”  I was speechless, and just crumpled to the fall to the floor.

Chemist continued to talk.  But at that point, I wasn’t really listening. I caught a word here or there, but I was so dazed that it’s tough to remember everything that he said.

“Hey, at least we have the backup PC.  We can start over on that once we get a new mic and sound card.”

Seriously, does everyone trying to make it as a rapper in Cleveland have it this hard?  Chip the Rippa, Kid Cudi, Super Duper, Bone Thugs…Did you have to deal with this kind of hip hop hell?  Is it like this for Chicago and Detroit’s hip hop scenes too?  Black Milk, Slum Villiage or Royce da 5’9″…How hard was it for you to get started?  I’ve heard of setbacks but WTF?!

I do have one thing left to give up to invest in this project, and I’m typing on it now.  Yeah, I’m gonna sell my PC to get some quick cash and purchase a new mic and soundcard. I’ll keep updating the blog via friends’ computers and school computers though, so don’t feel like I’m ignoring you if my tweets, blog comments, etc drop a bit.

Hip hop will be the death of me.  I’m moving to Wisconsin!

Naw in all seriousness, I have to remember what I said, and don’t give up.   If being the best in  the Midwest Hip Hop game is truly my dream, I can’t let this loss hold me down.   P.S.- This Friday, March 13th is the opening night of The Aperture, starring Heather Anderson Boll & ME, Isaiah Isaac.  Make sure to follow me on twitter because I will be texting in twitter updates @ProphetTheRebel.