About Prophet The Rebel

How rude of me, I never truly introduced myself…My name is Isaiah Isaac, born in Cleveland, Ohio on May 17th 1983.  My mom moved me to Baltimore when I was two with her fiancé for a fresh start. Charm City ended up being the beginning of the best and worst; I had my first taste of hip hop but it went down with a hefty dose of hard knocks.

We eventually moved back to Ohio where life just got worse.  My cousin was killed at the age of six and I learned quickly about life and death.  When we moved back, we moved to one of the worst areas Cleveland has to offer, a neighborhood around East 30th known as Down The Way (D.T.W.) .  Also known as The Dirty Thirty, it was home to some of the worst gangs and violence this side of Lake Erie.

My days at Marilon Sterling Elementary to East Tech High was filled with years of constant beat downs.  Black kids in this area are supposed to be thugs not comic book loving, science book worms.  My mom always tried to keep me on the straight and narrow telling me to cherish life, but I never listened.  Maybe I should have because she died before I even made it to high school.  At age 12, she passed away and the job of raising my sis and me was now up to my Aunt, mom Caka.  We continued to struggle keeping the gas and electricity running but at least there was a roof over our heads.  Music is what I turned to when the going got tough–Hence, the Prophet (the Rebel) was unleashed.

Having the swagger of Charm City and the grimey mentality of the mean streets in Cleveland, I formed a strong view of society and added a unique B-boy flavor to my beats.  I’ve got a style that transforms indie and punk rock into real hip hop, while simultanrously introducing raw energy to bring power and flare to the undergound Cleveland music scene.

I am Prophet aka The Rebel.



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