Razer on Hip Hop, Prophet and P.U.N.K.

Razer here, one half of the new hip hop duo P.U.N.K.  We have left you out in the cold for a little too long as of late, so I am here to let you in on what’s happening with P.U.N.K. and what you can expect in the near future from rap’s new dynamic duo.

Things are alive and moving so don’t think we disappeared on you.

Right now we meet one or two days a week to record the debut album.  We are about 4 tracks deep with another 15 written and ready to record.  We plan on wrapping up all recording by August 1st, right before Proph The Rebel heads off to New York to perform a one month run of his highly successful play, The Aperture.  During that month the album will be getting mixed and mastered.  Any touch ups that need done will be completed in early September when he returns.

Prophet is also about 2-3 tracks deep on a solo, pure Old School Hip Hop LP and I, Razer aka The RZR, have 3 solo HIGHLY experimental tracks, a remix and a solo acoustic rock album in the mix.  Expect solo Razer projects to venture into different genres of music while Proph tries to resurrect hip hop’s early years.  By years end, P.U.N.K. fans are looking at nearly 2-3 albums worth of music dropping your way.

The website should be up mid-July, and we will launch it by releasing pics of all the artists who have helped us in our journey. We’ve kept them under wraps for the past few months.  Shortly thereafter, you can expect the official launch of our P.U.N.K. High Def video channels appropriately named punkHDTV.  We have been filming for the past few weeks behind the scenes.  We have also just sent out the plans for the stage set we have being built for our live shows, which will begin in late September.

By October or November we are aiming on finally making the decision as to which major label we will sell our souls to….errr…..I mean who we’ll sign with.

By December, I plan on finally hooking up with Shakira and then immediately begin working on the next P.U.N.K. album.

As you can see we are hella busy so we just want to apologize to our friends if we seem like we fell off the map.  That goes for our online friends like Bleakey, Jeanise, Sarcastica and our real life friends.  We won’t leave you hanging much longer.  Expect me to post some pics from our first photoshoot and demo tracks online.  In the meantime, go check out and fan our P.U.N.K. Facebook page and friend P.U.N.K. on myspace.  All our currently in a building stage but will soon be home to all the latest, greatest news and stupidity from hip hop’s one and only P.U.N.K.


Razer Out

P.S. – Taylor Swift, call me!



  1. Thanks for the shout out!! Looking forward to hearing new stuff from you guys 🙂

  2. You are quite welcome! We’ll keep you posted!

  3. That’s so wicked guys! I’m PUMPED! Keep me posted!

  4. We definitely will!

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