My Hip Hop Ship is Sinking

I cannot believe this! Even more shit is going down right now!

After the B-side debut, I decided to focus on recording some more, which is something I have been steadily doing behind the scenes for the past few weeks (with Razer’s help of course!).

We have been working our ass off lately polishing tracks. We’re now 5 songs deep! I went last night to get some paperwork and rights signed off on by Dwayne, and he said we can’t use any of his music.  Apparently, he’s pissed, and I’m not sure why. I think he had hoped it would just be Prophet and Dwayne. Now that Razer’s been helping out a lot on the side, he’s not happy.

I can’t believe he is doing this! We’ve been so incredibly busy writing material for those beats, and now Dwayne wants to take it all away?!?!  What’s more…He is super pissed that I have decided to ditch the gangsta fab direction that he originally wanted.

Razer, Chemist and I came up with a plan though. Instead of getting all upset about this, we are going to call him tomorrow and try to bring him more into the hip hop scene.  We figure we can sign him as a solo artist and promise him some studio time.  This way, he doesn’t have to feel left out, and then hopefully, he won’t be so pissy anymore about the situation. You know, we scratch his back and give him some mic time, so then he can scratch our backs by sharing his beats.

I just hope he agrees to this plan cause he owns 75% of the music for this album…



  1. Yo… You might not wanna put the plan out there like that. What happens if he reads this? How you been bro? Coming to the grog shop tonite?

  2. Damn! I didn’t realize all those cats were gonna be there tonight! I’ll try to for sure…$15 is a steep cover though…

  3. Oh yeah, and like I said on Twitter, Dwayne doesn’t even know what a blog is…So there’s no way in hell he’ll be reading this!

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