Cleveland Hip Hop’s Sky Might Fall

The sky might fall; It may have fallen; It is falling! However way you want to put it, Tuesday night’s rendez-vous at B-Sides sucked!

It’s been a long time since my battling days, and I admit, it’s been a long time since I battled people in hip hop on a daily basis. It’s been an even longer time since Kid Cudi and I faced off.  Why am I reminiscing on my rap battling days, and where am I going with this?  Well, let me bring you up to speed on how B-sides went…

The night started off on a bad foot.  A few hours before I headed over to B-sides I decided to read some of my reviews for The Aperture.  It all started well enough “Isaiah Isaac presents a far more pleasant human being, but” (there had to be a “but”) doesn’t quite have the discipline or acting chops to stay in character…” . I know that criticism is part of the learning and growing process, but this one really hit me hard.  I couldn’t help but start thinking: Where does this guy get the right to tell me I don’t have the chops?  If I was that horrible…Then how did I get the part? How was I able to breeze by to the top of the class in the theater department? How come no one else seems to think so low of me? I’ve been getting raving reviews about how far I have grown as a performing artist…Until now.

Of course last Tuesday, somewhere deep in the back of my mind I let this critic get to me. I started thinking, “Maybe he is right.”  Not that I don’t have the chops…But maybe I did not dedicate myself enough to the role.  I’ll admit, I have trouble buckling down, staying focused and doing what has to get done.  When I should study, I don’t. When I should be practicing, I often chill with my friends instead. When I am supposed to write…I’d rather play video games.

Maybe the review stings so much because I know I could have done better. Although I think he was too harsh, maybe some part of it was true.  (Side note: This is not the mind frame one should be in before their debut, but that’s exactly where I was when I picked up the bus to B-Sides.)

I headed in and asked about the night’s events.  They gave me the 411,  but told me I had to leave until the open mic night began, which fortunately for me was another hour and a half wait.  I figured that I could use the extra time to clear my head.

I headed back outside where a bunch of people had got together to cypher (a circle in which people take turns freestyling).  One group caught my ear because of how hot one of the MC’s was spitting his game.  I jumped on in the circle and waited until I got my chance to jump in.  When the timing was perfect, I stepped in and began flowing, but I got a little overzealous.  (I say this because this friendly cypher was about to transform.)

As I did my thing, the crowd got hyped, and the air filled with the sound of “ohhhs.”  This did not sit well with the cypher’s original star, Freddie.  He cut me off and switched it from freestyling to direct attacks at me. The battle had begun.  He came at me, and I cut him off and spit right back in his face. The crowd grew silent, he took a step closer into my personal space. I took a step closer into his. We were eye to eye, nose to nose. His rhymes got more and more vicious until finally….finally… I just stopped.  I was beaten, hands fuckin down beat.  This 18 year old kid had me.  For the first time, the crowd erupted with an earsplitting “OHHHHHHHHHHH,” and this time it was not for me.

Defeated and at an all time low I headed into B-sides.

Door Guy : “Five Dollars!”

Proph : “Huh?” I responded.

Door Guy : “Five Dollars to get in,” he said.

Proph : “But I was already in the bar, you guys told me to step out a sec so you could get all set up.”

Door Guy : “Yup, and now it’s five dollars to get in.”

Proph : “But all I got is bus fare!”

Door Guy : “Then sorry bro you’re not getting in.”

With that I headed back up the stairs and waited for the bus and wouldn’t you know it, at a bone chilling 40 something degrees, the rain came pouring down.

I made it home soaked, defeated and thoroughly depressed.

It was not a good night…

Prophet The Rebel out!



  1. Yo, you gotta go back! I’ll pay your way if I have to, but you can’t go out like that! It’s messed up he didn’t tell you you had to pay to get in, and losses happen, but you gotta go back – plus, I think I might try to get on the mic and try something myself – no promises. But seriously, hit me up when you’re headed back…

    • I know! I know…I AM gonna go back…Don’t worry! Prophet The Rebel is definitely NOT gonna go out like that!

      I had a really good recording session today with Razer, so things are looking up.

  2. […] that horrible night at B-Sides and how I thought the hip hop sky was falling, I responded: “I don’t know man.  I’m just not feeling it right […]

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