Proph here with a quick Cleveland Hip Hop update…First off, my sister is okay now, but they aren’t exactly sure whats wrong yet, so I’m just praying for the best. (As a recap, she went into the ER last week when she started having some stomach pains.)

I also want to take a second to say thanks for reading my Midwest hip hop blog and spreading the word about my dream to make it big. It really means a lot when I see the stats go up, and I hope you keep telling your friends to read, what I think, is the most real and interesting hip hop blog out there. Of course blogging about hip hop means that I also tend to read other hip hop blogs, and I have to be honest…Most of the hip hop blogs out there are boring. I just hope the drama known as my life is at least good for one thing, a great story to read. (Oh and if you want to add the Punk Revolution blog to your blog roll, I would be super thankful and get you into a show for free, promise!)

Now moving on, like I mentioned in my prior post, I’ve been meeting up with some amazing people on the road. Even if it’s killing me to keep it quiet, I’ll save all of those stories for one big post some other time, maybe when I have a dull week.

As for Plan B, the count in the convincerazer@gmail account is at a staggering 56 email requests, but I still need more! So please get some more friends to email…Or at least leave a comment on the blog! Between your emails to Razer The RZR, and the people we met also pushing him to get back on the mic, I should be able to pull this off.

It has been absolutely crazy here. We keep meeting, talking, networking, and hell, just chilling with …(can’t say yet) and everyone is loving our freestyles. Razer will play a beat and I’ll just go off, then all of us will keep dogging Razer till he spits something and BAM, magic man, pure magic. Everyone seems to like our stuff and keeps asking when we are going to put out something. That’s when Razer pumps the breaks and shines the spotlight on me saying well, “we” aren’t doing anything, but Prophet here is going to blow up this summer. You watch!

(My two cents: Yes, Razer, “we” are going to blow up this summer. You watch!)

Oh and did I mention in between all this crazy shit I managed to spark something between me and this girl in school. It’s been a couple weeks now, and I have been hesitant to say anything here. (I don’t want to jinx myself, you know.) I think this one may be different. Maybe I’ll dedicate a few posts to her in the coming weeks. Between traveling, school, getting sick, getting better, trying to start a relationship and writing music, this has been one hell of a jam-packed week.

By the way, look out because my Cleveland Hip Hop debut will be tomorrow night at B-Sides, and no pain or exhaustion will stop me this time. I can’t wait! Hit me with a comment here or email me if you want to meet up with me in Coventry at B-sides.

Proph out!


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  1. […] a few hundred emails to Razer’s email box (BTW, thanks to all of you for helping me accomplish my Hip Hop Plan B,) with a message telling him that I would be at B-Sides for open mic night. With that, I headed […]

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