A Cleveland Hip Hop Intervention: Razer – Plan B

Alright, listen up! Prophet The Rebel needs your help.

Plan B: I created an e-mail account. (It sounds weird, but hear me out!)

Now I know that lots of you out there may not know who this guy, Razer The RZR is…You may not even have his CD…But if you follow this hip hop blog, then you know how serious I am about bringing this cat on board with me.  I’ve lost everything to follow this dream, and I need Razer to be part of this Cleveland underground group.  Trust me…Razer has the skills that we need.  He’s got one of the most unique voices and edgy flows I have ever heard. He”s got experience in the indie-hip hop scene, he has connections, and he has a studio. Translation = Prophet The Rebel NEEDS Razer.

So I’m thinking…Whether you have heard of Razer or not, if we can flood this new email inbox I just created with letters from you guys telling him to come out of retirement…Then maybe he’ll start believing what I believe…That there is a legitimate, growing interest in this whole Midwest hip hop project, and it’s not gonna fail because there are people out there (like you) reading this hip hop blog who believe in this project and what it represents–transcending all hip hop genres and coming out with a real conscious hip hop sound that is both poetic and makes you want to bob your head.  The perfect blend of fun and purpose.

So…I’m asking you all to help me make it loud and clear to Razer that people really do want to hear us, and they want to see what we have to offer the hip hop industry.  If you do me this one small favor, by the time we come back from our “meet and greet” tour, I should have an inbox full of messages to give him, and we won’t be able ignore them.

It’s time to put the Hip Hop Intervention Plan B into motion!

Please email: convincerazer@gmail.com and tell him to come out of rap retirement.

Oh yeah, and feel free to comment on the blog too! The more  messages I have to show him, the better! I need all the help I can get!

P.S. – I plan to start going to B-Sides’ Hip Hop Open Mic next week Tuesday, April 7th.  I may be a bit tired from my days of traveling, but I’ll do my best to drag myself there.  Email me or leave a comment if you want to meet up with me for my semi-Cleveland Hip Hop debut.

P.S.S. By the way…Man, I’ve got some stories for you, but I have to wait a bit.  Let me tell you this though…So far, Razer’s has really helped me meet some amazing people.  Him and Mooch have been a Godsend, no joke.  Oh and be sure to Follow me on Twitter for the latest updates: @ProphetTheRebel.



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