A Cleveland Hip Hop Intervention

So last night, I grabbed my boy Mooch and Chemist and headed over to meet up with Razer when he got off work.  He opened the door, a bit surprised, but probably knew exactly what I was up to.  I asked him if we could talk, and we were off.  The four of us sat in his living room while his wife did her thing in the other room.  (On a side note I really couldn’t believe how great she/they were. I’m used to couples being on different planes; women being a bit, how do you say this, pushy, not supportive and sleeping with other men.  I am not used to seeing a couple who are best friends, maybe for the exception of Mooch and his girl.)

Now where was I? Oh yeah, we made our midwest hip hop case, played some of Chemist’s beats, told him about our hip hop dream, how we are ready to put in the time and that if we all come together, if we all support each other and push each other, we can really do this.  We all had something unique to offer in this rap game.  We all could come together and make this work, taking the best of Detroit and Cleveland, mixing it together and launching all of our careers.    All throughout the talk, I could see something was still alive in Razer.  You know what I’m talking about, right? You can see that look in a person’s eyes when he has a passion for music, and no matter what Razer says its still there.

Of course, he asked a lot of questions: So Chemist makes all your beats? What style do you wanna tackle? Have you guys recorded before? Who produces?  Do you know how stressful this is? We may step on each other toes (note the “we”), and do you realize how much work is involved? Are you ready for backlash and criticism when we don’t stick with the typical hip hop genre? (Note the use of “we” again.)

“I watched a lot of great bands and rappers fail, myself included, and if you guys are serious,this is going to take a level of professionalism the likes of which have been unheard of.  We can’t half ass anything.”

So I told him…Well, you said you have people who can help with marketing. You can produce. I have two beat makers, a manager, and I know some skilled emcees. All I ask  is for you to step back on the mic and join this group.  I want to make one hip hop super group: Razer, Chemist, Mooch, Prophet & Dwayne.  Then we all focus on our independent rap albums, each with the freedom to tackle their own style.  Aside from wanting you in this group…You, Razer, need to get back on the mic as a solo artist.  Come on, we can do this!

After two hours I finally broke him down…a bit.  He agreed to help with the technical aspects of our studio and advise on production but said he was still retired from being an MC.

“Sorry bro, I’m done with trying to be a hip hop star.  I’ll help in anyway I can, but I am no rapper…Not any more.”  Luckily, as a result of this sit-down, Razer agreed to help us by going on a trip with me.  We are going to use his and Mooch’s connections to meet up with some people in the industry over the next few weeks.  I’m not sure who he has in mind but I can’t wait.  I knew this hip hop dream would all come together once we got this cat involved!

Now off to start plan B.  I promise you…Razer will come out of retirement!


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