Un-Retiring Razer – Game Plan

Razer and I have been hanging out more often, and I think I have an opening.

He hates his job, absolutely hates it (his fulltime one not his once a week video game job), but he is not willing to make a jump back into music.

Remember when I went off on how I wanted to transcend  all hip hop genres? Well, I guess you could say that Razer thinks the same way as me. I like his take on music and wanting the freedom to tackle it all, completely unshackled.  Integrate rock, reggaeton, hip hop elements, pretty much doing whatever sounds good to make the best possible music, regardless of the genres.  I really agree with him when he says: We should be able to use elements from all music if it makes the song “sound” better.  That’s exactly what I have wanted to start.  Cut through this bullshit of what “real” hip hop is and tackle whatever is tossed at us.

So like I have been saying since I first recognized Razer, he is going to join this group whether he knows it or not.  I got Mooch (our future manager) and Chemist (1 of 2 of our beat makers) together and we’re heading down to his place for what can only be described as a Cleveland hip hop Intervention.

I’ll give an update on how things went tomorrow.


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