Detroit Hip Hop Mystery – Razer, Part 2

Proph here with Razer aka The RZR interrogation part 2.  I waited until he got off work yesterday  and we headed out.  This time I started with asking Razer about the hip hop recording process.  I figure he could give me contacts and teach me a little about what it’s like, what to expect in the rap game.

It was interesting to hear his Detroit hip hop stories…About his first time being in the studio, his first time on stage, how scared shitless he was when he performed on a massive stage in front of like 800 people. (I know it’s small potatoes to most.)  It may have been unnerving, but the highlight of his very short career, according to him.  He told me how he got the nickname The RZR, (Hint, hint…It has something to do with him and the Wu-Tang Clan back in the days, and it actually has a few meanings.)

Something that was really interesting to find out was that he learned a lot over the past few years in producing and recording.  He had more then just a solo rap LP; he worked in a studio, helped record a local Ohio rapper, a band from Columbus, became good friends with one of Ohio’s biggest indie bands, Bancroft, worked on some commercials (one that aired at the X-games, but I forgot the year) and  even worked on an indie film…It started with a “D.”

Ya know what? As he talked about his past, I saw the piece of my hip hop crew that had been missing.  But why did he walk away from music, why did one of the Midwest’s most promising young hip hop artists just vanish? Well, he kept that little secret to himself…That is until we started drinking some beers after work! Amazing what a little alcohol can do.

Details to come before the week ends…


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