Hip Hop Gods: Enter New Guy – Stage Left

So I’ve been working with this guy on the job.  We hardly work together because he is only there like once a week, if even that.  He’s only there as a very part time side job.  He’s a pretty cool guy, but what is really bugging me is that his name sounds familiar…Maybe just cause his name is a sport. (This kid’s name is pronounced “hockey,” and I don’t have a clue if that’s really how you spell it!) Anyway, his name sounds really familiar, and I keep having this feeling that I’ve met him before. At least that’s what I thought until I went to a freestyle session with my boyz and told them how we gotta have this guy over to play some Xbox 360, (Chemist still has his).

When I said the name, someone looked at me and said, “Is this guy from Detroit?”

“Uh…Yeah! How did you know he was from Detroit?”

“You idiot! Don’t you realize who you are working with?!”  He ran over to the CD rack and dusted off a three-year-old hip hop album from a Detroit rapper named Razer. I looked through the CD booklet, and sure enough, the guy I work with is Razer.

My boy told me, “Razer was hot shit back when his CD hit the Detroit hip hop underground scene, but finding info on him now is slim to none.  He disappeared almost as fast as he appeared.”

Then it all came back to me, I am an idiot! I just met him a little while ago at a concert and took a picture with him and Matisyahu.  Hell I was so hyped about it I  even wrote a Starstruck post about Razer and Matisyahu! I completely did not recognize Razer at work.  (Hey in my defense, Razer has grown out his hair long, has a beard, and was not in his usual attire.)

While I sat there wondering how I could have missed it, my friends jumped onto the internet. Twenty minutes and a Google search later, we verified it. He is/was the guy once known, Razer or The RZR to some, a Detroit rapper who is one of the Midwest’s finest emcees, IMHO.

That’s why his name sounded familiar, and that’s when I had an idea. He may be the key to this whole crazy midwest hip hop plan.  Stay tuned because  I’m definitely gonna confront this guy about our project, and find out what happened to him, and how the hell he winded up in Cleveland! And when I’m done compiling his story, I’m going to convince Razer to help me out with my hip hop dream!

First thing’s first though, I’m gonna get a picture with him for my Punk Revolution Blog to prove that I’m not a total moron, and he really does look different.



  1. That’s crazy. I remember when I was living in NY and Matisyahu was big shit. I never heard of Razer though. Maybe I can find some video on him.


  2. […] like been saying since I first recognized Razer, he is going to join this group whether he knows it or not.  I got Mooch (our future manager) and […]

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