Rap Must Have Beef!

“Proph, we need to talk.”

It was the first thing I heard when I answered my cell phone tonight. Just because Proph took a step back from the beats for a bit didn’t mean that Dwayne and Chemist did too.

Apparently, Dwayne and Chemist aren’t seeing eye to eye on my solo Prophet Album. (I’m sure you remember awhile back when the three of us decided to end the Alumni  Elites and focus on my solo hip hop project instead?) Well, now Dwayne isn’t into Chemist’s Midwest beats and style, and Chemist ain’t into the whole ghetto fab gangsta rap music Dwayne wants to make. So now Chemist is holding his beats for a duo Prophet-Chemist project, and Dwayne is threatening to hold all of his  beats exclusively for himself.

Hello?! Anyone care about my opinion?

I love all music.  I don’t give a damn about this supposed “sound” Dwayne and Chemist are trying to forge for me. I don’t care what genre it is as long as the music is good.  Why does hip hop always got to be this or that!?  Why can’t each song stand on its own? Why can’t an album be diverse instead of the same old cookie-cutter crap?!  Rock music takes risks sometimes, so why can’t hip hop and rap?  I mean come on…People download on a song by song basis these days now anyways.

Everyone has an idea of what is or isn’t hip hop.  Apparently, this music game is now more about Prophet The Rebel’s image, as opposed to his rapping and free styling talent.  How will Prophet dress? How will Prophet sound? Prophet The Rebel needs to make this kind of hip hop. No, people don’t want to hear that kind of hip hop, they want to hear this kind of hip hop.  This is what Cleveland rap is supposed to sound like.  This is what’s hot in the Midwest.

I say: ENOUGH!

I wanna transcend all genres.  I’m versatile enough to do anything, and I don’t need to be backed into only one corner.  I wanna rebel against it all, (hence the name people)!  I wanna make music that has killer hooks, killer rhymes and killer meaning.  The hell with having to sound like this or that! Screw staying in the tired gangsta rap genre.  Screw hating on radio-friendly music just cause it ain’t underground enough.  I wanna make music…good, meaningful music. Am I the only one who feels like this?! Cause Chemist and Dwayne think I’m crazy.

Enough about me, drop a comment and tell me how your life is going in 09. Me? I’m a bit tired of mine already.  Plus, comments make me feel like people listen to me. Show me some love!



  1. Agreed, good music is good music. However, everyone has their own conception of what good music is and that’s not necessarily invalid, since the matter is so subjective.

    The real issue in this case is what you originally stated – neither of them consulted you – they just made up their minds. And it’s true that one album can cover a range of styles and genres. Mos Def comes to mind. And that’s what the two of them need to realize.

    “Midwest hip-hop” includes a number of different places, but look at the three of the major cities… Cleveland, Detroit, and Chicago. From Cleveland you have Bone Thugs, who some might argue sound straight-up southern. From Chicago you have Common who, for the most part, sounds straight-up New York much of the time. Then from Detroit, you have Eminem and D-12, who sound like they could be from anywhere and everywhere. So which one is “Midwest”?

    What I think is important for people to realize is that a region may be known for a particular “sound”, “style” or “genre”, but there are no rules. When you start imposing rules, you lose progression. A “Midwest sound” is ultimately whatever a midwest artist chooses to sound like. And that’s it. If you have a particular style – no matter what it is – and you’re from the midwest, then it’s mid-western. And if it sounds like something else too, then so be it. There are only so many styles and sounds to go around. It’s no longer really what can you do that’s new. Rather, it’s how can you take what’s been done and make it fresh again. You can do what’s been done, but if you’re not ready or willing to push the envelope to push it farther, then working in a creative field like music or art is probably not where one should be.

    In short, I’m pretty much in agreement with you.

    Incidentally, here’s that beat I made that I was telling you about… It’s on YouTube:

    If you can’t use this link, go to YouTube and type in “Logic Symphony”.

    Catch you at B-Side sometime… Peace,

  2. Wesley:

    “When you start imposing rules, you lose progression. A “Midwest sound” is ultimately whatever a midwest artist chooses to sound like.” >>> This is going to be my new mantra! Well said!

    BTW: Do you have more beats out there?

  3. I do. There are a couple more on my YouTube page, but they’re both unfinished. I have about ten more on my girl’s computer at home. Maybe I can drag you over to my place sometime to check them.

  4. […] when I went off on how I wanted to transcend  all hip hop genres? Well, I guess you could say that Razer thinks the same way as me. I like his take on music […]

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