Pause Cleveland Hip Hop, Play The Aperture

Proph here with an acting update.  So while I figure out this whole Cleveland hip hop mess, the show must go on, and in my case that means my new play: The Aperture.

I just finished my last performance of opening weekend a few hours ago, and I feel like I’m on the top of the world right now! I just keep playing everything over and over again in my mind…

I went through my pre-show regimen Friday night with ease. I was calm when I arrived three hours before the show to do some last minute rehearsing. I was still pretty relaxed as I took a small dinner break, and then came the most crucial part of my pre-show schedule…My panic attack. I guess it’s not really a panic attack, it’s more like psyching myself up before the show. I force myself to have a pre-show “panic attack” about a half an hour before I go on the stage to clear my mind and get out all of the jitters. I also use this pre-show panic attack to pray…no beg…the man upstairs to help me put on a good show. I wrap that up with some kind of warm-up to get my blood pumping, like 15 push-ups and/or jumping jacks. Once I get all the worry out, I slow things down a bit and do some meditation. I step on the stage, and my mind goes blank…At this point, it’s all about the performance. No turning back now.

The best thing about this weekend’s performance is that half of Cleveland State’s Theater Department came out to see me on opening night. These are the people I look up to, who I try to emulate, and they were there to see me. It’s cool too cos these people are my worst critics. They always tell it to me straight up, and this weekend, they told me I did really well. It was such an awesome and humbling experience at the same time.

We will be doing this play until March 28th, so in the interim, I’m devoting all of my energy to the show. When it’s done, I’ll switch gears and focus solely on Prophet The Rebel’s hip hop game. I’m excited to put my hip hop hat on again…So much so that I plan on heading down to this bar, B-Sides in Coventry for its open mic night. I’ll step off the acting stage and step up to the hip hop stage.

Anyone else out there privy to the open mic scene in Cleveland, Ohio? Hit me up cos I’d love to meet you while I’m out doing my thing.



  1. I don’t know jack about the open mic scene in Cleveland, other than the Bela Dubby cafe on the West Side. But I don’t know if they do music and poetry or just comedy. I’ve wanted to try an openmic standup there for awhile. However, let me know when you’re at B-Side – I’ll hitchhike if I have to. I want to see more of the open mic / underground scene too.

  2. Wesley:

    Are you into poetry or hip hop or both?


  3. Both, but hip-hop more.

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