Cleveland Hip Hop Hell

Remind me not to be so confident in the future.  I hit rock bottom.  For today at least I hate Cleveland.  Why you ask?

I came home to find a note that said:

Get up to my place quick! -Chemist.

I ran upstairs, excited because I’m thinking Chemist finally finished that track, and we can finally post my very first track on my MySpace page.  I get to his door, out of breath, but very excited,and knock…

“Yo Chemist, let me in! It’s your boy, Prophet.”

The door slowly creeps open, and a very down and depressed looking Chemist appears.  I could tell immediately that no good would come of this.

He looked at me and said, “Proph, I got some real bad news…Someone broke in.  The mic, the main PC and a few other things are all gone.”

“What!?”  I was speechless, and just crumpled to the fall to the floor.

Chemist continued to talk.  But at that point, I wasn’t really listening. I caught a word here or there, but I was so dazed that it’s tough to remember everything that he said.

“Hey, at least we have the backup PC.  We can start over on that once we get a new mic and sound card.”

Seriously, does everyone trying to make it as a rapper in Cleveland have it this hard?  Chip the Rippa, Kid Cudi, Super Duper, Bone Thugs…Did you have to deal with this kind of hip hop hell?  Is it like this for Chicago and Detroit’s hip hop scenes too?  Black Milk, Slum Villiage or Royce da 5’9″…How hard was it for you to get started?  I’ve heard of setbacks but WTF?!

I do have one thing left to give up to invest in this project, and I’m typing on it now.  Yeah, I’m gonna sell my PC to get some quick cash and purchase a new mic and soundcard. I’ll keep updating the blog via friends’ computers and school computers though, so don’t feel like I’m ignoring you if my tweets, blog comments, etc drop a bit.

Hip hop will be the death of me.  I’m moving to Wisconsin!

Naw in all seriousness, I have to remember what I said, and don’t give up.   If being the best in  the Midwest Hip Hop game is truly my dream, I can’t let this loss hold me down.   P.S.- This Friday, March 13th is the opening night of The Aperture, starring Heather Anderson Boll & ME, Isaiah Isaac.  Make sure to follow me on twitter because I will be texting in twitter updates @ProphetTheRebel.


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