Hustling for Cleveland Hip Hop

That whole back spasm had me laid out for quite a bit, but I’m out.  I refuse to let this keep me down.  I continued rehearsing my lines for the play and continued writing in bed.  Pain or not, I filled up with pain killers and went off to the evening rehearsals this week, hiding my back pain from everyone.  I still had to wrestle a bit with the bronchitis, but I made it through nonetheless.

Now I’m hitting the books again cos I missed tons of classes, but I have to admit that I’m starting to think that school is not for me. I also went back to work yesterday, and I  asked for some extra shifts to help with the bills. Oh yeah, and I finally hit up the pawn shop…Traded in that ring, sold my Xbox 360 and my HDTV.  (I think the latter hurt the most.)  I don’t have a lot in my apartment right now, but the money I got from the shop should cover my bills for a couple of weeks. Not sure what I’m gonna do after that. And with that,  I can now say that I have officially given up everything for my hip hop dream….I lost my girl, my nice apartment and my entertainment.

I think at this point some of my oldest and closest friends are starting to wonder about this whole “Midwest’s Best Rapper” dream I have been chasing.  But screw it! Sometimes, you just get this inner calling, this passion you cannot explain.  For me that passion is performing…whether it’s acting or hip hop…In both, I hit the stage, and I know that’s where I  belong.  Doing anything else makes me feel dead inside. Like I’m going through the motions but my heart is just not there.  So I have no choice.  Rain or shine, pain or illness, I can’t and won’t give up on my Cleveland hip hop dream.  I was sick for the last recording session but now that I am semi-back on my feet I headed back up to Chemist’s lab and recorded some verses for a track.  He is mixing and mastering my very first rap single as I type!  I can’t wait to finally post something on MySpace.

Oh yeah, I can also finally say that I am a professional actor.  Check it: Prophet the Rebel’s on Cleveland Public Theatre’s homepage.  (I’m the black man!)

Never give up, pain or not, through setbacks and hardships, keep on going and you will make it through.  That’s what I have learned.  God will find a way to put the right people and opportunities in my life if I keep on seeking them and don’t give up.  I focused to get this acting gig…Now it’s time to do the same for hip hop.  Industry here I come!    If you are in Cleveland and reading this, please come and check out my show: The Aperture.  If you want to talk to me about hip hop I’d be more than happy to take a moment and hit you up after the play.


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