Prophet’s Hip Hop on the Sidelines, Pain on the Front

Remember how I said when it rains, it might as well be a hurricane?  Well, I was in the hospital over the weekend cos my back was giving me some serious pain.  (By the way, my little illness from last week was actually viral bronchitis, so what I thought was just a quick cold is not so much.)  So anyway, here’s the info on my back…Back in the days, way before I got into hip hop, I used to fight a lot…Just being a stupid kid, I guess.  One time in my youth I was, lets say, dropped on my neck during a little sparing match, heard a snap and was never the same again.

Fast forward to last week—I decided to lift weights to work off some of my frustrations with this hip hop dream going no where. Granted, I was lifting light because I was feeling sick.  I must have moved the wrong way cos I felt this sharp pain shoot up my neck, and  then I fell to the floor.  I knew at once that this was bad, so I just laid there gathering my strength.  After what seemed like hours, I mustered up the ability to walk the five blocks to the ER.  Now I’m back home, immobile and stuck in bed.

Worst part, this means I may be getting dropped from the play that I have been working on, it was my first leading role.  I also can’t work which means my money is going to be tight, which means my bank issues are getting worse.  I could barely pay the bills before…Now I’m screwed.  I don’t even want to think about that hospital bill. This sucks.  And as for hip hop, well unless I get a mic brought to my bed, and I start rapping flat on my back, then Cleveland is going to have to wait a bit longer for Prophet aka The Rebel to drop on the scene.


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