Midwest Showdown: A Cleveland Hip Hop Standoff

Cleveland weather ain’t the only thing that’s unpredictable. I got to be honest, Prophet the Rebel had a crazy week but what else is new, right?  Who said being the best in the Midwest would be easy?! Hell at this point, whoever said doing anything in this hip hop game would be easy?

We all got together the other night to rap, and lets just say Alumni Elites imploded.  Picture this, a small apartment with Chemist on the PC, Dwayne on the mic and me sitting on the couch with two friends.  We are having a good time when in the middle of Dwayne’s freestyle, Chemist mutters in an undertone something like “Wow gangsta rap again, yeah, you’re real hot shit!”  Dwayne stopped, ripped off the headphones, looked at Chemist and said “What the f@$k is that supposed to mean?”  The room just froze as they stared at each other.  (You could cut the tension in the air with a knife.)

Chemist fired back, “I know you think you don’t need us, so why are you here?”  That’s when Dwayne shot me that look like you told him, you bastard.  After that, all hell broke loose.  It all came out how Dwayne wanted to drop the group, how him and I were the only thing good in the group, how Chemist ain’t finishing his end of the beats and the rest of our dirty laundry.  A few times I thought some blows were bout to be traded all in the name of hip hop.

Needless to say, the Midwest will never hear from Alumni Elites as a group, but you’ll still hear something because we broke off into individual hip hop artists instead.  When the dust settled, Dwayne was not happy about my squashing the rap duo talk, but we did agree to work on a new music partnership.  It’s mainly Chemist and Prophet now working on 3/4 of a solo project.  The two of us are going to get working now.   By the time, I’m done typing this all out, Chemist should have some beats for me to get started. So I’m going to head upstairs and start recording today!

So really, what used to be a group project is now a Prophet the Rebel solo hip hop album.  Keep in mind though that Dwayne’s still in the picture, and he’s going to let me use half his beats for my solo album, and Chemist will produce the other half. It’s all on my shoulders now to write some original hip hop music.  Cleveland’s style of gangsta rap is just not for me so they best prepare for something fresh and new.  I guess this may mean a bit less writing for the blog, and more writing lyrics. I promise to keep the blog updated though.

I’m going head first into this rap music to help me get over my ex and make my life better.  I have something to prove to her and myself.  Hell yeah, I can’t believe I’m doing this.  In fact, as long as you aren’t too critical, I’ll post a song on my newly minted Prophet The Rebel MySpace page next week.   It won’t be a song proper. It’ll just be a one time freestyle take over on one of my friend’s beats.  That way you can put a voice with the pretty face.  When it’s up, keeping in mind it’s just a quick take, please email me with your criticism.  I better run, Proph out.


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