Dwayne’s Coup – True Underground Hip Hop

Prophet aka the Rebel here with an update on chasing the Cleveland hip hop dream.  Well, this week all I can say is its funny how God tests you.  Soon after my last post, there was a slight coup. Dwayne wants us, as in just him and me, to do things alone.

We were kicking it, and after a freestyle over  one of his beats, he says, “Man I love Alumni Elite, but let’s face it, we are the best in the group.  Plus, no one’s done shit.  Chemist isn’t finishing his beats, and the other two just don’t have the time with their lives being so hectic.  After all this time we don’t even have one damn song done.  You and me, what do you say?  We are the only true rappers. We are the future of rap; we are carrying all these guys.  I say screw them, and let’s do this hip hop thing. Just you and me!”

We went back and forth for about an hour, and he made a lot of good points. Alumni Elite seems to have worked on paper but not  in reality.  But as good as it was to freestyle with Dwayne, all we rap about is the same tired gangsta shit.  That’s not what I want to put out there. Cleveland’s underground hip hop scene…No, the whole hip hop community deserves better.

So I said flat out, “I don’t think us branching off is the right thing to do. I do think that we need to rethink our direction though.”

He seems pissed for now, but hopefully we can move beyond this.

Of course a little of me wonders if this really is the right choice…Sex and violence sells.  Maybe that is what we should stick with. Thoughts anyone?  Should Proph become your stereotypical rapper, or should I stick with my guns and go against the grain?


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  1. […] I can’t believe he is doing this! We’ve been so incredibly busy writing material for those beats, and now Dwayne wants to take it all away?!?!  What’s more…He is super pissed that I have decided to ditch the gangsta fab direction that he originally wanted. […]

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