Out With the Old, and In With the New

With my life savings literally in my hand and the first month’s rent down on my new place, I chose to invest the rest of my extra dough in a sound card and a semi- decent mic. (Well, at least as decent of one that I can afford right now.)

Of course the crew is hyped up about me moving closer to them and ponying up for a new mic. We’re planning on having a free-style session tonight to break in the new equipment and re-hash our music plans.

For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I’ve got my priorities straight. I’m ready to do this.    Yeah, yeah…I know you’re all reading this thinking BLAH BLAH BLAH, What happened with the whole Sara-thing, right? To which I’ll casually respond: When did a hip hop blog become a love story? Nah, I’m just playin. Well…She’s gone.

That’s right. I came back to the apartment this morning, and there was a note on the kitchen counter. I guess you could say it was your typical “Dear John” letter. Sara said she was done with the relationship, and she was moving on. I’m not gonna lie…I’m crushed. Sara, even with all the ups and downs, was my comfort, the one constant that I still had left in my life. She was the one person that I could go to when I needed to get away from the shit that the rest of the world dealt me time and time again.  Plus, with this new direction in life and in my acting and musical career in tow, it would have been nice to have some solid support from her.

So I’m moving on…At least I have some friends in this building, and plenty of work to keep my mind off of her.  I’ll try to use this time to stop thinking about this whole breakup and get both my life and this blog re-focused on the goal, creating hip hop music.  So,  with my love life behind me, and my hip hop career in front of me, it’s time to focus on Prophet aka the Rebel.

Watch out, Cleveland. I am on my way…As soon as I figure out how to plug in this damn mic and sound card that is.


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