I Got 99 Problems and a —– is One

Remember how I left of my last blog post with wanting to make things right by treating my girl, Sara, to the night she deserved? Well a fellow blogger, Sarcastica, has recently been giving me some great words of wisdom, (via comments on my Punk Revolution blog and Twitter conversations – @ProphetTheRebel),  so I decided to follow her advice. I treated Sara to a night at her favorite place and topped it off with a romantic spot for two.

I decided to take Sara to dinner at a restaurant that serves her favorite style of food, a play (because we both love the theater) and finally a romantic walk in the park.  The night began perfect. She looked beautiful when I arrived, and by the time we went to dinner, things seemed to be rolling just fine.  We were having one of the best conversations we have had in, well I can’t remember how long, and I was falling in love with her all over again.  (Yeah mushy, I know, but whatever). Then, as we finished up dessert, she got a phone call and excused herself from the table. It was her friend, Lisa.  I could see her talking in the hall near the bathroom, occasionally peeking out at me as I paid the bill.  Everything seemed fine afterward except her mood clearly changed.  I kept talking to her, trying to make her smile, but she seemed distant.

We went to the play, and the whole time she kept checking her cell.  Lisa must have texted her half a dozen times, and whatever she was saying was clearly distracting her.  I tried to not let it bother me because the texts made her smile, and I was happy to see her happy, but I in all honesty, I kinds felt like we were being intruded on.

After the play, I was going to take her back to the spot on campus where we first met and had our first kiss. I had a special surprise waiting, but she wanted to just go home instead.  The whole way back, the conversation was damn near zero.  She was on her phone non-stop texting, and I felt like I was a third wheel.  Apparently, Lisa was in a crisis, and it had to be managed immediately.  I didn’t want to be an ass so I let her do her thing.  We got back, got ready for bed, curled up and went to sleep.

Late that night I was awoken by the vibrating cell in the other room. Trying to ignore it, I got up to use the restroom.  But by the time I came out, the phone vibrated again.  A bit out of curiosity and a bit out of concern for Lisa, I opened the phone.  It was from Terrance, a guy we both know from acting class, but I’ll explain how later.  My stomach dropped.  I looked through her texts and saw that the whole night she was texting him. Lisa’s name wasn’t on there at all. Finally I stopped on one of the last ones from the night, “I love you, call me when he’s gone.”

I stood there not knowing what to do.  Finally, I closed the phone walked back into the room and just laid there.  I got up early the next morning and left.  I still haven’t confronted her because, honestly, I don’t know what to say and this comes at a very bad time.  I didn’t say yet on my blog, but I decided to make some BIG life changes and they start this week.  I need some time to sort this whole thing out.  I’ll be back when I clear my head.



  1. wow, now that is a story! hope you make the right decisions


  2. […] some BIG changes, and I made the final decision to go through with them right before my most recent date with Sara.  What where the changes?  Mainly, shed some of my bills, so I can put all my money into this […]

  3. Oh Prophet 😦 I’m so sorry the night didn’t turn out the way you had hoped. She sounds like a right bitch if she’s gonna go behind your back like that, and definitely not worth it. You need to find a nice girl who isn’t a skank, who will appreciate your sweet, thoughtful and romantic personality and BELIEVE in you. I know it’s hard, but things will get better! At least you’re deciding on acting instead of just sitting there taking it, I know so many people who literally sit on their asses and hope that the situation resolves itself; you, however, are going to make life changes!

    Hope things start looking up soon!

  4. Thanks once again for the motivational words. Thanks to you and some of my boys, I confronted Sara today. I said my piece. It’s her move next.

  5. Whatever move she makes, I hope you remain happy. 😉

  6. […] and battles that move us nowhere closer to an album. Let alone, thinking about my recent girl problems. After all that thinking, this is where I stand…I need to find something to light a fire […]

  7. […] our big date fiasco, I had kept some of the cash from my savings and bought her a ring. It wasn’t an engagement […]

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