The Battle at Work

I’ve been at this job as bouncer for a little while now and in just two short months it feels like home.  It’s like a family here; we all just get each other.  I like chillin with Matthew, the head bouncer, we just vibe together.  He beat boxes, and I freestyle every break we get.  Its crazy man, everyone here keeps telling me how good I am and I am noticing our freestyle sessions are getting a bigger and bigger audience.  What started with just two guys has grown to 15 or more a night.  Well last night was a bit different in that another staff member had enough of my new found mini work fame and decided to challenge me to a battle.  But this wasn’t just any call out, he planned this out. “Yo, Proph how bout you step up!  You can freestyle but can you battle someone with some real skills” the man shouts.  I turn around and it became clear he had me cornered in front of damn near the whole staff and then some.  It was clear I was set up with all the cards stacked against me.  He probably knew every devastating line he was about to spit, but I couldn’t back down.  Nervously, I accepted and the battle was on.

Insults poured out of his mouth in rhyme after rhyme with a chorus of “ohhhs” and “damns” from the small crowd that had formed.  He had done his homework and devastated me for a good 4 minutes straight.  Every minute that passed his insults got harsher. Every second his rhymes got grimier as he moved in closer and closer so that by his last lines, he was inches from my face–literally spitting on me with every line.

I was done, or at least everyone figured I was, so I took a deep breath and let it all out.  I don’t know what happened in that moment. Maybe it was being so pissed at an obvious set-up, or maybe it was how everyone thought I was done but something took over me.  The crowd that was laughing got eerily silent as I came back again and again, line after line, rhyme after rhyme you could see the confidence in his eyes fade away.  No one said a word, and when I finished, I looked around at a room of stunned friends and strangers.  Two seconds later the place erupted in an “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”  I had won. I destroyed him, and took my game to a whole new level.  I went to bed last night knowing a new corner had turned in my life.  I was a different man, and where this man is going is anyone’s guess.


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