Chemist is the man! His beats are either really dark (like crazy pissed off, back the hell off kinds of beats), east coast laid back ,or techno/house -esque hip hop.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking, what the $%^*!  Those genres are completely different from each other but so what, we can tackle anything.  There isn’t a beat I don’t think we can ‘t burn up.  I was going to save this announcement for later but I’m just way too hyped! Chemist, Dwayne, my boy Alan, my cousin Marlon and I have formed the super group Alumni Elites!

Prepare yourselves, because the gameplan is to bang out the first few tracks in the coming weeks.  In fact, I’m going to take out Sara to celebrate.

Prophet The Rebel and my boy, Chemist

Prophet The Rebel and my boy, Chemist



  1. […] Elite, but let’s face it, we are the best in the group.  Plus, no one’s done shit.  Chemist isn’t finishing his beats, and the other two just don’t have the time with their lives […]

  2. […] he is going to join this group whether he knows it or not.  I got Mooch (our future manager) and Chemist (1 of 2 of our beat makers) together and we’re heading down to his place for what can only be […]

  3. […] My first idea, Alumni Elites,  flopped on its ass.  Too many ideas, too many opinions and none of them in the same direction.  One person wanted pop rap, another conscious rap, another gangsta rap and no one would listen to each other.  This VERY short lived group fell apart and dissolved into a solo hip hop album for me, Prophet The Rebel, half produced by Chemist & half by Dwayne.  This new hip hop super group idea (of Chemist, Dwayne and me) was just gonna release a short EP.  Together, we figured that the super group would be a launching platform for me and other artists, and Mooch was even down to help manage the whole process.  Then Razer The RZR stepped in to help, and he started giving us pointers on how to make things legit.  Ironically, that’s when things fell apart. And to be honest…I am glad! […]

  4. […] – On a serious note my boy Chemist just underwent a MAJOR surgery and I wanted to give him a shout out.  Razer and I are glad you […]

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