TIME PRESENT: Love, Acting & the Search for Beats

Proph here with a quick update. Life’s pretty good these days. I spend my days at school with my other two loves:

(1) My girl Sara, who continues to shoot down my attempts at “officially” being her man and

(2) Acting at Cleveland State University.

I don’t get it, Sara and I are great together, a ying to my crazy yang. I know she loves me even if she is too scared to admit it. I keep telling her about my hip hop dreams that I’m trying to get popping, but she’s not too psyched. Apparently its not a “real job,” which is a funny excuse, as we are both in the theater department. Ya, being an actor, there’s job security! What’s the success rate in that? Whatever! She seems to think that performing, in the hip hop sense, doesn’t have a high success rate. Well, she’s right, but at the risk of sounding cocky, that high failure rate is full of wanna be rappers that never had half the drive and skill that I do.

Tonight I’m going to listen to this guy James (aka Clevelands Chemist) music. I hear he has some killer beats too, which really may get the ball rolling on this whole thing. We’ll see.  This radio stint really got me motivated.  I am determined to keep this momentum going and get music out there within the next two months.  Failure is not an option.


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