Prophet on the Radio

I don’t get it, tomorrow’s show will be just like last week, except I know well in advance this time.  Yet, for some reason, I am more nervous.  Why? I’m not sure.  Maybe it’s kind of finally sinking in that I made a decision to change my life this year, and it’s getting off on the right foot.  Maybe it’s because the girl I have been seeing planted a bit of doubt in my mind.

“Don’t get too excited, it’s just a radio show, and I doubt anyone important will be listening.” She told me. “And if they are listening, well, you’re good, but I’m not sure if you’re that good to get signed off a little radio stint.”

Great, thanks!

Or maybe I’m more nervous because I’m starting to sense that some of my crew is giving me the cold shoulder.  It’s like whatever I do, it’s not good enough for them, and if I switch it up and do EXACTLY as they ask, I still get negative feedback.

– We should make music; I can’t believe you’re spending all your time making music and being on the radio. You need to just chill.

– We should be original; your writing style seems a bit different.  I’m not into it that much.

– We should be Mid West Hip Hop; that track sounds like its been done before.

– We need to make it no matter what; you’re a sell out with all your connections and catchy hooks.

I’m rambling, I know, and maybe not even making sense, but I had to vent for a second.  Peoples love-hate relationship with me gets me a little twisted sometimes, but I have 24 hours to get my head on right.  I’m sure tomorrow will be fine.

Hopefully some of you out there will listen and maybe even call in.

WCSB 89.3 11am-12:30pm Rusty Munchyz Show

Feel free to boost my confidence and tell me how great the show is going or see if you can give me an on air complex by telling me how much I suck on the air.  Either way, it should be a good time.



  1. Weird mixed signals you’re getting from your crew, perhaps they are a little jealous? I’m assuming your lyrics rock as much as your writing style (and posts) do, so they do have cause to be a little jealous! Just let them know that the mixed signals really isn’t working out for you.

    I’m sure you’ll do great on the radio show! And who knows, somebody important could be listening!

    (Don’t take what that person said too seriously, they probably HAVE to tell all appearances that so they don’t expect anything ya know?)

  2. Yeah, the show actually turned out REALLY well. My boy, Mooch (his show) ended up talking to some “high up” people in the biz after I did some freestyling with this awesome chick, Beauty. Apparently, some important people WERE listening, and they liked what they heard!. So we’ll see!

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