2009 Off With a Bang

So  my boy Mooch asked me to come onto his Rusty Munchyz radio show Friday as a guest speaker. It sounded kinda cool, so I went. Little did I know that Lucid (Chris and Rob) was also going to be on the show. They’ve been making waves recently on the Cleveland music scene, and it was cool talking with them and listening to their stuff. They pretty much did an acoustic performance throughout the entire piece.

Then they asked me to freestyle while they were playing on air. I agreed, and the next thing I know, 15 minutes has gone by, and they’re lovin my flow.  It was real cool. Then after the show, Rob and Chris asked me to come this week and record a couple of feature spots for Lucid.

I know I made that prior post announcing that 2009 was gonna be different for me, but I wasn’t expecting things to change THIS fast. Damn. It’s cool though. I’m ready for it.

Oh yeah, and if you want to know more about Prophet (aka The Rebel), then check me out next Friday on WCSB 89.3 FM from 11am-12:30pm cos I’ve got an in-studio interview scheduled then.


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  1. […] are not just unique, they are absolutely killing anything I’ve heard lately.  Hell, the hop hop freestyling you did on the radio show caused my cell to blow up with calls from people asking about you.  You are probably one of the […]

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