Star Struck

Man Sunday night was sick, pure and absolutely sick when I hit up the Matisyahu concert. If you don’t know his music you have to peep this one of a kind musician out. It was a great, great, great show. But what really made the night amazing was Mooch and his ability to hook me up cause I got to hang out with a lot of the artists. I met Trevor Hall & Nosson Zand, two new artists that were pure fire. Trevor is doing his amazing reggae singing thing and Nosson is this positive beast of a rapper. But the highlight had to be chilling with and getting my picture with Matisyahu and Razer. Both these guys were cool as hell. (I just realized that “cool as hell” is a bit of an oxymoron but whatever.) Matisyahu not only has one of the best backing reggae bands I have ever heard, but his beat boxing had me thinking I was listening to an mpc until I turned around and realized that sound was actually him. My mouth hit the floor when I saw that the beat was coming from a man and not a machine. And his set where he and Trevor did songs together, damn! They have to put out a CD together, have to!

Now I’m still not sure why Razer was there because he wasn’t part of the show, but that didn’t matter because he has to be one of Detroit’s finest underground rappers and I was just psyched to meet him. I was going to ask him what the hell happened. The man put out two last tracks that were pure lava and then announced he was taking a break from hip hop, and poof, Razer was gone just like that! I was ready to ask Razer why he walked away and if he was coming back, ready to ask Matisyahu how to make it in this business and how the hell he can beat box like that and ready to show them how I could flow, but when the time came and I got to meet all these guys, I got nervous around all the stars and just kind of did my best to keep it together and not look like an idiot. Oh well, I did pose for a pic with them but it was a promo shot for someone else. I’m hoping I can track it down so I can have a memento. In the meantime, you can check out a video of them on YouTube video: How Not to Pray to John Belushi -Matisyahu, Nosson, Razer.  Matisyahu is the tall guy with the beard who the camera is focused on 90% of the time and Razer is the guy with the white Detroit hat and sunglasses you can best see around the 4:30 mark as he uses his cell phone to try and call a Rabbi.

All and all it was a great night and it just encouraged me even more to work on my skills. The stage just calls for me and meeting all these great musicians and MC’s made the night a dream come true, even if I was a little star struck.


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