While I’m on Break, the Game Keeps Hustlin

Hell yes, schools done for the semester (I will never take that many courses again) and I spent last night chillin. It was a pretty good night, Gears of War and freestyling, freestyling and then some more Gears. I was feeling pretty good till we got a phone call, a guy I knew back in high school just got signed to a record deal. Now I am happy for him, really I am, but a part of me is jealous. He is good, I’ll give him that, but he is nothing great. The cypher we just had was infinitely better then anything that man ever spit. And no not just from me, my boyz here are a hell of a lot better.

I’m sorry for hating and I should lay off. Maybe what we have in skills he made up for with sheer drive, so good for him. And maybe we can use this as inspiration. If he can do it, if Kid Cudi can do it, with Al Fatz and Chip tha Ripper nipping at his heels, and the amazing Poetic Republic and QP making waves, then maybe Cleveland is next up to break through. That is if Detroit’s renaissance doesn’t beat us to it.

Whatever is happening, it’s an exciting time right now and gives me hope for the city. But at the same time it makes me think, we need to start working cause while we sleep (or in this case play Gears), the city keeps moving.

We need to put down the controller and pic up the mic, after this one last wave in Horde mode of course.


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