Free Styling with the Crew

I got a small close group of friends in East Cleveland–James, Dwayne, Mooch and I love hip hop and love free styling.

Homework and studying is kicking my ass.  And so does work, but at least at the end of the week, the crew and I can get together and just get down over some beats.  My boyz, James (aka Chemist) and Dwayne, have been making beats for some time now, and they are really starting to get good.

Me, I love free-styling.  I love the game, bending words front, back and sideways, transforming reality into complicated rhymes.  It feels like home.

We’re kickin’ it again tonight.  No hype, just shooting the shit and spitting some random verses…Wishing it were more, but knowning for now, it is what it is.


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